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The Cook Islands

Now if we want to talk about bodies of water, it’s only fitting that we talk about some islands! One of my favorite destinations for a nice relaxing vacation is the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands are located in the South Pacific Ocean, northwest of New Zealand and west of Australia. The Cook Islands are a set of 15 islands and are about the size of India. The Cook Islands are famously known for their super sparkling and amazingly blue lagoons. When you decide to finally visit the Cook Islands, you’ll have the pleasure of running your toes through the beautiful white sand beaches and exploring the rugged mountains located on the interior of the islands.

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Water Welcome

Welcome, and thank you. Welcome to my blog where I talk about a very unique, random and interesting subject: the amazing oceans and seas we have on this beautiful Earth. Thank you for deciding to go outside the norm of basic blogs that you see every day and taking a peak at what my blog has to offer. I will be going in depth about all the crazy beautiful things found in our oceans and seas. I want to talk about how our oceans and seas are a big part of the world we live in. So sit back and get ready to be splashed by some water knowledge. I hope you guys don’t get sea sick easily!

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